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Maz and Attero
Design & Manufacturing Services
Custom Designs and Products
Our Blurb and Quick Notes

We have experience with CAD and freehand sculpting. Please include high detailed drawings with units in Millimeters, preferrably. Current rate for CAD/3D Printing Design service is $40 per project minimum with rate of $30/hr charged by quarter of an hour at a time.

If you already have a design in CAD or 3D format and just need help getting your file ready to print, it's the same rate. For direct to print troubleshooting please only send STL and OBJ file formats. For collaborative CAD design, please send STEP or file formats native to Autodesk software.

We have a variety of styles for different trading card games.

See more of our deck box designs in our Etsy store at Maz and Attero Geek Love Gift Shop You're welcome to send us a custom deck box design request through our Etsy store or to our email address. Please specify the TCG, size of deck, and if you wish to have storage room for dice and/or tokens. Each customer design request is exciting for us and we love the creativity shared together in the process. You could also review our Force of Will custom deck box order form to get an idea where to start.

Visit Maz and Attero's 3D Hubs Page

Already know what you want to print? Start your print project easy and quickly by visiting our Hub at www.3dhubs.com

Maz and Attero Offer Educational Workshops with ChickTECH for Teens & Adults

Maz and Attero offer classes focused on designing for 3D Printing. Audience focus is at-risk population teens in low income areas. We empower and influence young minds to be part of STEM, particularly 3D Printing. We also do fun workshops with adults teaching design for 3D Printing via Fusion360. Currently, Maz and Attero work exclusively with ChickTECH. If you're interested in one-on-one instruction please email mazandattero @ gmail.com. Want to get involved with our adult workshops? Follow the link below to the ChickTECH's Meetup page for upcoming events.

Veronin the #CROWDCOW for Urban Farmer in Portland, Oregon

As seen in Forbes and OregonLive, the #CrowdCow originally named Veronin by Maz, a community 3D print for the Portland Urban Farmer, consisting of 99 individual pieces printed on FFF style printers. 7.5' long, 5' tall and 2' wide, this print took 200 hours of design time (by the talented Maz and Attero), 700 hours of print and 10 hours of assembly. This will find a home at the main entrance of the Nines hotel, Fall 2015. Maz's first sculpt of a dairy cow for Urban Farmer, Veronique, may still come to life in the future.
Join the community and learn more about the Portland 3D Printing Lab Meetup by following the link below.

Flexible Design Rates & 3D Printing
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  • $40 Project Minimum
  • Minimum $20 Deposit Required Pre-Design
  • Issued as Opensource Design
  • Non-Commercial Usage & Production
  • Final Payment Required Before Design Release
templatemo price img
  • $40 Project Minimum
  • Minimum $20 Deposit Required Pre-Design
  • Client Issued Exclusive Rights
  • Commercial Usage & Production
  • Final Payment Required Before Design Release
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  • STLs (Preferred), OBJ, STEP & Autodesk Native Formats Accepted
  • Colored PLA, Glow-in-the-dark PLA, Carbon Fiber PLA, Wood PLA & Flexible Materials Available
  • Local Gresham Pick-up/Delivery Available
  • Shipping Available at Additional Cost
templatemo work
ABOUT Maz and Attero
Mind of a builder and artist join forces!

Maz and Attero have been involved in different industries over the years but only since embarking on the powerful world of 3D Printing did they become known! Maz(a.k.a. Mazuir Ross a.k.a. Rose Moore) has a background in sculpture and color depth. In high school she studied traditional drafting and CAD. She later went onto college to study Digital Entertainment and Game Design. Through her young adult life she grew a passion for creating 3D models. Once learning about 3D printing shortly after graduating college she became an enthusiast. It wasn't until 2012 that she learned of affordable Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF or FDM). Her partner Attero helped make the affordable fabrication of her designs a reality when he built their first 3D printer in the winter of 2014 at their in-home office. From there the rest is history.

Attero, the backbone of this operation, is the one who makes the fabrication even possible. Attero has an active mind in the curiosity of "How Things Work". Throughout Attero's young adult life he's had interest in different industries, such as his photograpy (Lightwell Photography), but presents the most uninterruptible focus when working with STEM. He can teach himself to do just about anything including building a frame from aluminum extrusions and soldering electronics for one of their multiple 3D printers. Attero is also adept at designing mechanical models for machines and other custom fitted applications.

Maz and Attero combined, bring together the balance of aesthetic and function for just about any product you dream up. Make your product do more than you originally thought when brainstorming with Maz and Attero. Find out what steps need to be taken to make your product possible. Get realistic answers and time frames for designing your next project. We have payment options that are flexible for the person and project. You keep more of your money for the small fun projects. And for the more serious large scale projects we have simple terms for usage and production. This way both types of clients get what works best for them.

  • Geometrical, Mechanical, Functional, & Sculptural Design
  • Affordable Design Rates
  • Prototyping via 3D Printing Available
  • Super Simple Usage & Production Rights
Email: mazandattero @ gmail.com

For FREE quotes on designing you'll need to email reference images, desired scale/dimensions in cm/mm, and expected output(print quality).

For FREE quotes on printing you'll need to email dimensions in mm, screenshots of model (include as many possible views; front, side, top, left front perspective, back right perspective), desired material with specified color(Blue PLA, Magenta Polyester, Natural Nylon, etc.)and desired amount of prints. If you are able to we would prefer you emailing an STL file(s) for review in addition to the screenshots.

If you email Monday - Friday please allow at least 24 hrs for response. If you email on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays please allow at least 48 hrs for response. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

templatemo work

Maz and Attero building printers for or with you via workshop or one-on-one: The information we provide online about this subject is limited and constantly changing due to Attero still making revisions and improvments on his printer design. If you are interested in having the current design used as instruction for your students as a workshop please feel free to email us. Attero also offers one-on-one instruction for building your own 3D printer. You can expect to see full documentation about Attero's finished design in the future. The design will be kept opensource and available through our website. We plan to offer step by step PDF documentation, BOM Excel sheet, and downloadable STL/STEP files. Thank you for your patience and understanding.