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Maz And Attero

Custom Designs & Gifts

Below are some gifts we created for our customers. Visit our shop to see more or send us a message with your custom gift request.

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Below are some videos of product demos and tutorials.

Custom Dragon Egg Dice Cups

Our dragon egg dice cups are great for any table top gamer in your life. They hold different amounts of dice, come in a variety of different dragon scale designs, and are held closed with strong magnets.

Custom GenComm 5L1D3R Deck Box

Here is just one of the different styles of deck boxes available in our online shop. The 5L1D3R series is available in a few different sizes and can be customized in many ways.

How Maz Makes Face Masks

In this video, Maz shares how she makes her face masks. Project involves fabric, sewing machine, filament, and a 3D printer. PDF file can be found here: Mask Patterns PDF 3D Parts to 3D Print can be found here: 3D Nose Bridge & Connectors STL also available in STEP 3D Nose Bridge & Connectors STEP (right click to save the file)

3D Designing Flowers in Autodesk Fusion 360

In this video, Maz demonstrates how to make flowers using the sculpt environment and patterns.

3D Designing a Simple Deck Box in Autodesk Fusion 360

In this video, Maz designs a simple deck box using sketches and basic modeling.

About Maz And Attero

Who is Maz?

Maz is about 80% of the creative energy behind everything you see online in our shop, on Instagram, and in our YouTube videos. Maz can create a lot of things in 3D for manufacturing and might be able to make something for you. If you have messaged our Etsy shop, Maz is likely the person who answered you. Maz is also likely the person who created your gifts on the custom built machines she made with Attero.

Who is Attero?

Attero built our first 3D printer back in 2014 and taught Maz how to build the next four 3D printers she designed. He also makes the circuit boards work on the machines so that they can create the designs Maz made for you. He is the one who solders electronics together so they work, and double checks the shipping on packages just before they go to the post office. Attero also does a lot more to help Maz keep the shop going, such as making life possible. Turns out that is a big task. *wink*

Where is the shop?

We work in Gresham, Oregon where we make all of your gifts in a 90 sq/ft home office. Technically the printers, various equipment, and in stock materials take up 60 sq/ft of that, so Maz only has about 30 sq/ft to make your gifts. Hopefully soon we'll be moving into the studios we are building on our lot that we started in 2018. The new studios we are working on will expand our business space to 384 sq/ft. These studios are mansions compared to the small office we've been working in since 2014.

What's the future?

Hopefully once in the new studios Maz will be able to setup permanent video recording and photography stations. Attero will be able to setup his own permanent soldering station to create interactive electronics. Lots more designs should be shared with the public via video tutorials. We'll be adding new tools like a mill, laser cutter, and repurposing plastic waste into new gifts. Of course there's the high probability of new ideas to emerge once moved into these mansions.